Attention Baby Boomers:  Best-Practice Instruction for Private, and Free, Online Adult Entertainment

Venice, California (June 13, 2013) – As a result of increasing demand, author Charlie Sabatoba unabashedly announces release of a pre-print edition of The Man’s Guide to Downloading Porn from Tumblr Using an iPad. This book, available at will dramatically increase the ease with which men – especially baby boomers and those with even more life experience. They will be able to enjoy the past time that was once reserved for under-the-covers, flashlight-in-hand, late night escapades.

The Man’s Guide provides potent tools that will nip spying females’ proclivities of snooping on a man’s private pastime in the bud. Specifically targeted for those using an iPad, the author provides guides that will prove invaluable. This includes information about, (but are not limited to):

  • Step-by-step instructions, complete with visual aids, for browsing, archiving and storing files and video for current and future enjoyment.
  • Where and how to surf the web for safe sites that are free of spyware.
  • Specific steps for securing the data on your device.

Though the need for such a work may not at first be apparent, think of all the times your tablet (or phone) fell into the hands of a grandchild or other inquisitive family member. Also think back to when you may have forgotten to “turn off” your phone or tablet. Then, pick up this book and put all those deterrents behind you.

As devices become more portable and occasions to participate in adult entertainment more frequent, the uses for the information in this book will increase. It is the first of many important works by this author and belongs in every man’s drop drawer.

For more information, and to contact the author directly, send inquiries to