PornHub Reveals Intriguing Porn Stats

Hey Folks,

The Gothamist and many other media sites have been reporting about PornHub’s statistics on porn searches, by keyword.

Finally, there is a more legitimate source of porn-related consumption data that is not produced by a religious (or so-called “family values”) organization passively slamming porn. This is what I discovered while researching for my Man’s Guide to Downloading Porn book.

PornHub is one of many, mostly free, streaming porn sites. If anyone has some interesting analytics, they most certainly would.

First noticeable statistic is Washington State which has searched the most for “asian.” Makes sense if you think about it. There’s a lot of friendly white folk up in the corner of our country. These people have always enjoyed exotic Asians for their choice in food and sex.

Second noticeable statistic is that the venerable “creampie” is the most searched pron keyword in numerous states. Talk about curiosity!

Ironic de la ironic, the states most embroiled in civil rights issues in the past (and arguably today) Alabama and Georgia, both score for the highest number of searches for “ebony.”

Enjoy the report here:

– Charlie Sabatoba